Don’t Fear Technology… Empower Yourself!

Electronic Technology Tutoring LearningWe offer Treasure Valley residents hookup & setup as well as entry-level training on computers and other technical devices for people in their own homes, on their own equipment. This equipment is expensive and sometimes intimidating to a “low tech” type of person. You can spend a ton of money on fancy equipment, but if you don’t know how to hook it up or use it, it’s just decoration. We teach specifically to what you want to learn, in a comfortable, non-intimidating manner. Anyone, of any age, may need help learning how to use today’s electronic equipment and personal devices.

Hookup – Setup – Training

  • Computers
  • Smartphones
  • Home Theater

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Contact Info

Rob - 208-602-5479


Computer Services

Microsoft Windows Internet Email Social Medias File Management Photo/Video management Networking/Wireless External Hardware

Smartphone Services

Android Customizing Settings & Home Screens Downloading/Using Apps Connecting Phone to Wi-Fi Moving Content Between Your Smartphone & Computer Back-Up Phone Content

Home Theater Services

HDTV Satellite/Cable TV DVD & Blu-Ray Surround Sound Systems Karaoke Systems Video Streaming Devices Gaming Devices Home Automation