I have been a computer program developer since the year 2000 and have hundreds of hours of phone tech support experience on all aspects of Microsoft Windows, helping/training people from every level of expertise. I try to simplify the information so it makes sense and then teach to you in a comfortable, non-intimidating manner. Technology can be very intimidating if the person teaching you is giving too much information at one time, and/or is being condescending or talking in a language that is above your knowledge level.

Before computers, I did audio/video sales, installs, and maintenance in the early 1990’s. I also have experience with lighting, audio recording, and karaoke/DJ equipment. I have trained hundreds of people how to use these technologies, I have also taught other installers/trainers how to instruct the end user (customer). You will be in good hands!

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Rob - 208-602-5479


Computer Services

Microsoft Windows Internet Email Social Medias File Management Photo/Video management Networking/Wireless External Hardware

Smartphone Services

Android Customizing Settings & Home Screens Downloading/Using Apps Connecting Phone to Wi-Fi Moving Content Between Your Smartphone & Computer Back-Up Phone Content

Home Theater Services

HDTV Satellite/Cable TV DVD & Blu-Ray Surround Sound Systems Karaoke Systems Video Streaming Devices Gaming Devices Home Automation